Mind Matterz

School of Emotional Intelligence is the training wing of Mind Matterz (A Psychological Guidance Unit). Established in November 2015, the school aims to educate the masses on developing various psychological skills and thereby increasing ones Emotional Quotient.

Emotions Management

Managing Fear, Anger, Joy, Sadness is the need of the hour.

Stress Management

Modern lifestyle creates a lot of stress.

Relationship Management & Understanding Love

Understand the dynamics of managing both, personal and professional relationships.

Effective and Assertive Communication Skills

Communication skills is a basic skill required to smoothly function with the world around us. Improve your Communication Skills by taking up a course with us.

Time Management

Are you always finding a time crunch due to which your lifestyle has become chaotic? Take up a 5 session course in Time Management for you to productively use your time and create a good work-life balance.

Parenting Skills

Birth of a child is an extremely important milestone in an individual’s life.

Creativity Management

Manage your creativity and boost your brain by knowing the scientific approach to upgrade your Creativity Quotient.

Loneliness Management

Are you feeling lonely due to relationship break-up, loss of a loved one or migration to a new place? Take up a course to cope up and bounce back.

Self-esteem Management

Have you wondered about the ‘worth’ of your life?