Mind Matterz


It is a known fact that human intelligence has tremendous potential to bring effective changes to the world around us. Over the centuries the one thing setting aside man from animals is the evolving intellect which has made the human species social. We believe that to upgrade the standards of human thinking, quality education is a must. Therefore, as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we fund genuine & worthful Education & Research related initiatives taken by individual/institutions/organizations. As per our profits and capacity, every year on 3rd January, which is the birthday of Indias First Woman Teacher, Smt. Savitribai Jyotiba Phule, we fund an Education/Research-based initiative.

Solar Lanterns

Mind Matterz donated 2 solar lanterns that would lit the huts in Jhansi slums. Year 2012.

Winning VJTI RoboWar

Mind Matterz sponsored a Robotic project of engineering students (Team Mumbotz) who participated in Robotech festival at V.J.T.I, Mumbai in 2016. Team Mumbotz won the 1st prize.

Other Philantrophy


We believe that our body is a gift which nature has offered us. It is important that we take good care of it by attending to both its physical and mental aspect.

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The psyche of an individual and society develops as per the influences that happen around. We believe that in todays times, Media is a powerful tool to positively.

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