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The psyche of an individual and society develops as per the influences that happen around. We believe that in todays times, Media is a powerful tool to positively influence the mindset of the masses. Thus we are dedicated to fund/offer resources to genuine people/institutions/organizations, who want to create a positive impact on the mind of people via their music, songs, films, photography, poetry & art.

The Final Full Stop

Short film based on Mental Health co-sponsored by Mind Matters & School of Emotional Intelligence: The Final Full Stop

Mind Matterz funded a short film named 'The Final Full Stop' produced by Maverick Whistler Production Ptv Ltd and Directed by Rigved, Seaon & Manish in Dec'2015

'The Final Full Stop' is a short film based on a psychological concept. Mind Matterz has co-sponsored the film with the intention of spreading awareness related to Mental Health.

Music Projects

Besides being a Psychologist, Founder/Director of Mind Matterz, Shraddha C Sankulkar, is a poet/lyricist who wishes to inspire the world with the power of her words. She has penned down many songs in English, Hindi & Marathi languages and through the media wing of Mind Matterz wants to collaborate with other music/sound professionals and produce quality music to bring a positive change in the world. For few of her work here's a link:


Other Philantrophy


We believe that our body is a gift which nature has offered us. It is important that we take good care of it by attending to both its physical and mental aspect.

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It is a known fact that human intelligence has tremendous potential to bring effective changes to the world around us. Over the centuries the one thing setting.

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