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Every good counselor is like an artist & the client's positive life is the art!
Shraddha C Sankulkar


Shraddha earned a Masters degree from University of Mumbai, India in 1997. With her 20 years practice as a Psychologist, Shraddha has been offering various psychological solutions and empowering individuals to cope up various attitude, thinking and behaviour related issues.

Her experience as a Mental Health Professional involves counselling & training activities pertaining to paediatric & adolescent issues, pre-marital counselling, marital counselling, career & academic related issues, Mid-life crisis, Geriatric issues etc. She believes in pro-active interventions and early detection of psychological problems, so that further complications, which may lead to Depression, Anxiety & suicidal tendencies among people, can be avoided.

She has co-authored a research titled Cross cultural trends in Emotional Intelligence of Teaching Professionals (India & U.K) in association with Mr. Gobinder Gill (M.Phil) from Birmingham Metropolitan College, Birmingham U.K The research has got published in Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry, U.S.A

In 2007 she earned her Diploma in Entreprenurship Management from Welingkar Institute of Management Studies, Matunga, Mumbai. Merging all her educational backgrounds & diversified interest, Shraddha has been a consultant to various projects needing application of Psychology & looks forward to offer mind management related counselling & training sessions to individuals and also various institutions, businesses, sports team, media etc. Her work has been acknowledge by Her Highness Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II & various other institutional authorities like Mumbai Police.

Having cleared both the NET and SET exams for lectureship in year 2000, since then Shraddha possesses 16 years of teaching experience. University of Mumbai, Kalina, Mumbai, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chowpatty, Mumbai, State Institute of Administrative Careers, CST, Mumbai and SoundIdeaz Academy, Andheri, Mumbai are the institutions which she has served so far.

During her tenure as a senior college professor, she successfully wrote 3 text books on Psychology, based on Mumbai University syllabus for General Psychology, Human Developmental Psychology & Abnormal Psychology.

Besides this she has been invited for conducting mind related workshops, training & awareness sessions at various venues by individuals, organizations and public institutions.

Creative Writing has always been a passion for Shraddha. She writes in English, Hindi (National language of India) and Marathi She writes poems, lyrics, fiction, non-fiction & film scripts. Since more than a decade, Shraddha has been presenting her literary skills to the world by blending language with emotions. She has written 3 text books and various newspaper columns in the past.

Currently she fortnightly writes for a U.K based online magazine www.b-c-ing-u.com Her blog guides the masses on topics that deal with Mind Management. Besides possessing a Masters in Psychology, she has earned yet another Masters degree in History from University of Mumbai. Since 2013 she has been a Full Time Overseas member of the Society of Women Writers and Journalist (SWWJ), which is one of the oldest writing societies of the United Kingdom. She is associated to Government of India's Information & Broadcasting Ministry's Films Division, Mumbai , as a Commentary Writer since year 2005. Travelling & photography are two hobbies that Shraddha is fond of and wishes to use language as a tool to heal, educate and entertain the world with the power of her linguistic skills.