Mind Matterz

Earlier I was sceptical about the concept of psychological counselling via Phone, Email, Text messaging and via Skype video, but once Shraddha started conducting long distant sessions via Mind Matterz I am convinced that it’s the scientific information, along with complete trust on one’s counsellor which matters more than the medium.

R.K. Swamy, Age:45
Shraddha’s session has been of professional standards. The phone counselling sessions are equally effective as the ‘in person’ counselling

Nisha Joshi, Age:23
Shraddha was co-operative. She listened empathetically & carefully about my marital issues and spared a lot of time. She did counselling for me 2 times and twice with my husband. The joint session conducted gave me perspectives of how to go about in my relationship. I am very much satisfied the way she handled and explained.

Mrs. Advani, Age: 56
I approached Shraddha for Health Psychology & Stress Management related solutions. It was very nice experience. I liked the way she brought out my thoughts. She covered all areas very tactfully.

Tina, Age:28
"Your mental well-being is important for your growth-
Speak to a counselor"