Mind Matterz

What We Do?

Mind Matterz ( A Psychological Guidance Unit) is firmly based on the Science of Psychology. Since its establishment in April' 2006, we have been offering psychological solutions and empowering individuals to cope with their attitude, thinking and behavior related issues.
We believe positive changes leading to behavior & attitude modification for good, is possible by pursuing scientific training under the right trainer/mentor. With this belief as a seed, Mind Matterz started its training wing- 'School of Emotional Intelligence', in November' 2015. Since then we are offering, both offline & online short courses, which are related to Mind Management.
Besides offering counseling & training services, in October 2015, we started an online store named- MindCart, which showcase our Merchandise. With Positive Psychology application at its core, we sell and/or promote goods and services that have either problem-solving or mindfulness value.
Also, as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, we annually donate 10% of our overall business profits (received from counseling, training & merchandise sources) to projects related to Education, Health (Physical/Mental) and Media, which we believe will make a positive difference to the society.

Life is 10% reality & 90% of how you perceive it! 
Shraddha C Sankulkar